SociAl Strategy & Digital Solutions Expert

 Sandi Moss,  Sr. Marketing Communications Manager - Sprint Emerging and Wholesale Solutions
Allison is a social media expert, she led the development and execution of the Social strategy for the Emerging & Wholesale Solutions division. She is a team player and approaches her work with a get it done attitude. She enjoys the opportunity to knowledge share and has presented social media strategy and best practices workshops both internally and externally. She is clearly a leader in both online marketing and social media strategy. November 5, 2013, Sandi managed Allison Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Sprint Global Wholesale & Emerging Solutions 

Peg Wright,  Manager of Market Insights at Sprint (Softbank), CIP-I, MBA Candidate, LSSGB, LIONAllison has been an invaluable asset to numerous Sprint teams and business units with her demonstrated leadership in online marketing and strategy. She is one who has been instrumental in leading and developing social plans for with a “can do” attitude, a team player who wears many hats and it not afraid to step outside of her job requirements. Literally no task is too large or complex for her, seeing challenge as opportunity. She would be a rare and priceless asset to any company or team with her experience, demonstrative dedication to social approaches and the ability to turn social strategy into revenue-building opportunities. July 26, 2013, Peg worked with Allison Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Sprint Global Wholesale & Emerging Solutions   

Sarah Smith, PMP  Online Marketing Manager at Sprint - PMP - Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Allison is an inspirational manager that leads not only her direct reports, but also influences her peers and senior management through her thought leadership, expertise, and enthusiasm. As a manager, she instinctively senses how to realize the best performance from each employee by celebrating their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses. Even in difficult situations, her teams remain cohesive and cooperative units, which is a testament to her leadership. Best of all, Allison is just an all-around great gal. February 18, 2014, Sarah reported to Allison at Senior Manager, Online Customer Engagement  

Tony Fortner   Director of Strategy at
​I have had the pleasure of working with Allison on a daily basis. She is an amazing human being.  Her ability to build relationships within a large organization is an enviable trait. She simply gets the right things done the right way.  She is an accomplished manager, leader, and program manager. Her skills range from technical to marketing to operations.  Any company would be fortunate to have Allison as an employee. March 7, 2008, Tony worked indirectly for Allison Manager, Digital Operations at Sprint 

Lon France  SVP Strategy & Business Development
Allison = "getting it done" If you are looking for someone to take a hold of a problem and quickly drive it to resolution, with the best possible end result, Allison is who you want with her hands on the wheel. She builds great team cultures and works incredibly well across teams. Always has a great balance of aggressively driving a team but ensuring the people are empowered. Allison has worked for me in several capacities over the years and I hope I'm lucky enough to work with her again. March 4, 2012, Lon managed Allison Senior Manager, Online Customer Engagement and Manager, Digital Operations at Sprint 

​Ann Seibolt   Retired
Allison is a real Digital Solutions Expert and knows how to help " facebook challenged" novices get on the page. Extra nice because she doesn't make you feel like an idiot. Sessions with her are a pleasure with lots of extra bits of info is how you can 'zoom' on your phone camera........let's be careful with your privacy settings........o.k. we can delete that info you don't want made public.......that can be put on your Kindle or iPat as well as your computer.Ann is one of the students at the Cass County Public Library computer classes where Allison teaches as a volunteer weekly.