SociAl Strategy & Digital Solutions Expert



Managed 24 x 7 operations team of high-performing individuals. Produced process and strategy to ensure website uptime of 99.9%. Managed individual career goals, workloads, and budget demands. Created innovative approaches to technical application challenges, resulting in improved user experience and satisfaction. Designed new B2B online custom shopping experience to increase digital sales by 47%.


  • Managed team of 10+/-, subject matter experts, project Managers, Product Managers, Software Engineers, Product Managers, Web Tech Developer and Data Analysts, ensuring data and content structures designed and configured to support website for optimal maintenance and reuse of technologies.
  • Provided coaching and counseling, producing progressive work environment and optimizing team performance by empowerment. Provided capacity readouts, determining workload increase / decrease and needed headcount adjustments.
  • Provided recommendations and innovative ideas to senior management and directors, meeting business objectives and identifying solutions to website challenges, meeting both short and long-term goals.
  • Designed and built product catalog, zip code affiliate database and customized B2B websites. Trained teams on use of Component Framework used throughout site, supporting table driven presentation.
  • Designed and built Blue Martini product catalog, support and content management systems. Created new solutions for B2B web customer content delivery. Designed and built market specific online pricing and product purchase process to increase digital sales by 47%.
  • Provided production support and daily operations for, ensuring online sales initiatives delivered on time and on budget. Determined severity of issues and conformed to 24-hour SLA on break / fix issues in production environment to maintain business objectives.
  • Managed and created process and pipeline improvements. Provided solutions for VPs, Directors and .com business units, resolving business unit inefficiencies. Designed and built MS Access project tracking database.
  • Performed budget tracking, analysis and reporting for IT labor, content management, external tools and talent. Facilitated in training and education of direct reports and internal .com Bus, providing knowledge of newly implemented systems.
  • Served as business Analyst, EPMO Y2K communications, successful multi-million dollar implementation of Y2K. Provided initial training and troubleshooting for EPMO on Microsoft Office, Win 95 and hardware setup. Maintained and tracked initial asset inventory for startup of Y2K EPMO. Designed, developed and implemented Y2K communications database for tracking all year 2000 readiness inquiries and vendor surveys. Developed processes and training to Y2K communications team.

Manager, Digital Operations