SociAl Strategy & Digital Solutions Expert

CFO – Serve as the Chief Financial Officer for our family business that has been a successful concrete construction company since 1962.

Fasching Brothers Concrete, LLC

Create personal brands to assist clients in getting notices or kicking start entrepreneurial concepts. Specialize in training technically challenged individuals, providing basic and advanced training on Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, Pinterest, Google, Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Privacy Fix. Teach smartphone users how to use almost any Android app for smartphone.


Create digital strategy and coordinate all pieces of online business, linking together each profile, such as LinkedIn, business website, blog(s), Facebook pages and other various places sharing business content. 
Utilize over 15 years of large corporation expertise to increase (ROI) by providing Website analysis, analytics and recommendations, successfully aligning digital strategy to business plan and ensuring reach to target market.

LArge Business 

Small Business

Online Solutions for Businesses – Strategy, Analysis, Analytics, Brand & Marketing.  Personal Branding Solutions for Individuals – Websites, Online Profiles, Facebook Pages, Groups, Events. Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations. Learn how to easily manage your online assets and automate processes. Basic Computer Training – Windows, MS Office, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn. Business Development – Consulting services for new ventures and risk assessment. Pricing and packages are based on custom solutions.

Independent Consultant

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