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LAke Girl

Mother, Wife, Grama Alley

Alley, Allison or even Al, but never Alice.  ​The L. is for Lynda, or "leave it", because I will never answered to it!

I'm a outdoorsy kinda girl, love my 40 acres, the lake and my ZR2 Diesel!  Married my awesome husband Roger, we have 2 kids Seth and Saydee. and a granddaughter, Brooklyn. My best friend and I have been best friends since before birth, our parents were best friends.  I have the coolest dogs ever, Four Bernese Mountain Dogs; Sansa, Arya, Khal & Drogo, 5 cats, Khaleesi, Daenarys, .Meera, Missandi and Ygritte.  Yes, we have a GOT theme going on!

Did I mention I can run heavy equipment?  :